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FEBRUARY – Pay only R7 500 this month – No registration fees

Step work coaching

Provides individual one on one coaching through the 12 steps.

Recovery Meetings

Deal with a combination of Christian 12 step principles and anti-relapse strategies.

Social work groups

Deals with  conflict management, effective communication, healthy relationships and making choices.

Life coaching

Involves life management and getting a plan for your life.

Spiritual guidance

Addiction is not just a physical condition but one where unresolved spiritual conflict exists. So residents get guided by experienced pastoral council on how to experience freedom from shame and guilt and build a relationship with God.

Motivational talks

As part of our life coaching program residents are exposed to motivational talks to help them get their lives back on track.



“ANYONE reading about this sober house, I strongly urge you to go…..The staff and the care that my son got from Peter at Healing Choices was really very good. The love and support, just what you or  loved one needs. Go ahead – make the choice 🙂
I hope and pray that the house goes from strength to strength Peter and that God richly blesses you in your labour of love”

Maureen Wolmarans

“I came here out of an addiction to CAT. After three months at Healing Choices Sober Living House my hope is renewed, my spirit uplifted and my faith firmly planted in Christ with a new lease on life”


“I arrived at Healing Choices Sober Living House, as high as a kite, after an eight month addiction to CAT and Cocaine. After six months in the programme I found a life with Christ. I feel good and much healthier.”


“My experience at Healing Choices has been an exciting journey thus far. I have met some extraordinary people who I consider my friends. The biggest impact I have had is the impact God has made in my life. I have accepted God into my life and Jesus Christ as my saviour. I now walk in the light of Christ. I have been relieved from my guilt and regret and for the first time in a long time I feel confident in my future. I have come into contact with my dreams and my goals and now walk hand in hand with Christ to reach them. My relationship with my mother and sister has grown as the guilt, shame and regret is no longer a burden to me. Overall I can say that healing choices has guided me towards the light and out of the darkness into Gods will and given me a second chance.”


“I came out from another rehab, but relapsed after 21 days. I’ve been at Healing Choices Sober Living House for two months now. I feel amazing. I’m working through a lot of my problems. I’m ready to have a clean and positive lifestyle. I’m going for a job interview tomorrow.”


“I was addicted to Crystal Meth, CAT and alcohol for three years. I also smoked weed. As a result I dropped out of school. I’ve been clean now for four months. I’m focussed, motivated and ready to go back to school

My stay here at Healing Choices has been the best stay ever and the most important part of my stay has been getting to know God and growing closer to God for he is my saviour and my father in heaven. He has worked through me so much and the blessings he has done for me has been the best thing I could ever ask for. I just thank Peter, Estelle and Marc for letting me in the house and putting in every effort on helping me and drawing me closer to God. Praise the Lord all the time. God bless you, Peter, Estelle and Marc.”

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